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Research Excellence Framework


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In preparation for the REF, the REF Impact Team will scope potential impact case studies on an annual basis. The diagram below describes in detail the requirements of each annual scoping exercise in the years before the next REF.  

Impact coordinators will scope potential cases throughout the year through Public Engagement, the VC awards, Cambridge Enterprise, the IAAs etc. The processes faculties/departments employ to scope case studies internally will be agreed with their impact coordinator.  

The timing of the scoping exercise within the academic year will be decided by the faculty/department concerned in consultation with their impact coordinator.  

The aim of the scoping exercise is to ensure that 1) there is a sufficient number of impact case studies in development (the ‘pipeline’), 2) that facilitation support and funding can be better directed to where it is needed, 3) that evidence is collected and stored as impact occurs. 



Scoping exercises visual